CCL In.Sight., is meant to support local education, business and community leaders in their work by exploring what’s happening in communities and schools across the United States related to Career Connected Learning.  We’ll explore key trends and practices, with a focus on what’s working, what’s promising, and what’s coming down the road.

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For several years, I helped put on an annual awards ceremony for principals in Tennessee. The awards were based on schools’ TVAAS scores (the state’s measure of value-added performance), with the highest-performing elementary and middle schools in the state receiving …

Growing up, my Dad was a sports nut, and most of my life lessons came in the form of sports metaphors. Two that I heard often, and that stick with me to this day, are: ·Go to where the ball …

Last week I was in Rapid City, South Dakota and had the privilege of attending the press conference where Rapid City Area Schools Superintendent, Lori Simon, and community partners announced the forthcoming development of Career Academies and related Career Pathways …

The Talking Mona Lisa



Back in December, I wrote a post about software that creates entirely new people from images of others, and the kinds of video effects people could make with some fairly standard off-the-shelf software. Bear with me for one more in …

Advisory boards can serve as the engine of a powerful CTE program or they can be an inconvenient obligation. They are what you make of them: The effort you put into them determines what you get out of them.Except that’s …

ORIGINALLY POSTED SEPTEMBER 2018 The most common image when talking about workforce development is that of a “leaky pipeline;” where we lose people at every key transition point along the way to the labor pool. In high school, we lose …

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