CCL In.Sight., is meant to support local education, business and community leaders in their work by exploring what’s happening in communities and schools across the United States related to Career Connected Learning.  We’ll explore key trends and practices, with a focus on what’s working, what’s promising, and what’s coming down the road.

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Showcase Your Best



In just a few days, my older son will be attending Experience Hendrix, a traveling rock concert featuring some of the best guitarists in the world playing a variety of Jimi Hendrix tunes. (For you musicians, check it out here …

Have you ever heard about the “Holland” codes? No, these weren’t decryption codes used during World War II. The Holland Codes, officially known as the Holland Occupational Themes, are the legacy of renowned psychologist John L. Holland, who incrementally developed …

Where Do I Find Partners?



I do a lot of workshops on building partnerships, and the question I get more than any other is: “Where do I find partners?” Even among those who have taught for years, most educators feel like they don’t know anyone …

Advisory boards are an essential resource for strong CTE programs and career academies, and they require participation from local employers – the people who can actually hire your students – in order to make them effective. But have you ever …

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