CCL In.Sight., is meant to support local education, business and community leaders in their work by exploring what’s happening in communities and schools across the United States related to Career Connected Learning.  We’ll explore key trends and practices, with a focus on what’s working, what’s promising, and what’s coming down the road.

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There’s an old (reportedly) Chinese saying: “May you live in interesting times.” At first glance it sounds like a blessing, but it’s actually meant as a curse. Boring times are periods of peace and prosperity; interesting times, on the other …

One of my pet peeves is hearing how Career and Technical Education is the best-kept secret in education. It’s true, of course – CTE can significantly improve outcomes for students, as the good folks at ACTE will be happy to …

In this country, we measure employment according to two very different sets of numbers: The Unemployment Rate and the Labor Market Participation Rate. They may sound the same, but they’re actually completely different. The official “unemployment rate” measures the percent …

Hans and I just released a new thought piece on education that highlights where we’ve been, where we are now, and what we need to do in order to successfully move into the future. As you might imagine, the focus …

I’ve been following the emerging debate among futurists about what impact automation and artificial intelligence (AI) will have on our jobs. One presenter I viewed who spoke at a regional TEDx event a few years ago predicted that in the …

Everyone Loves A Winner



I’ve just spent the past couple of days at the Technology Centers that Work conference (a fantastic event by the way), listening to the brilliant Pam Daly talk about marketing, communications, and branding. It brought to mind one of the …

The Dropout Problem



One thing I’ve noticed is that people love to start new things, but we’re not nearly as excited about maintaining things. Flocks of us rush to the gym in January as part of our New Year resolutions, but the gym …

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