CCL In.Sight., is meant to support local education, business and community leaders in their work by exploring what’s happening in communities and schools across the United States related to Career Connected Learning.  We’ll explore key trends and practices, with a focus on what’s working, what’s promising, and what’s coming down the road.

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Two weeks ago, I served as moderator for ACTE’s Workforce Development Through CTE Summit, a meeting of trade association leaders during the ACTE VISION conference. Congratulations to ACTE for having the vision to pull this together. There hasn’t been an …

In most of my discussions and workshops about career-connected learning and pathways, at some point we land on the concern that Americans have a “four-year-college-for-all” belief that is supported by policies and pop-culture.  Somewhere along the line, most of us adopted the idea …

The big mindset shift in Career Connected Learning starts with clarifying the actual goal of education.  Contrary to typical practice, the purpose of education is not to fill a student with knowledge and some skills; rather, the purpose of education …

Career and Life Readiness



We talk a lot about career and life readiness here at NC3T. Given the desperate need from industry for capable workers, a lot of time we, and our local/state/national partners hone in immediately on the career part of that phrase. …

At the National Career Academy Coalition conference which I attended this week in balmy Houston, TX, I gathered two nuggets regarding the use of data I wanted to pass along. You know, in education today, it is de rigueur to …

Did You Hear What I Said?



I’m in the process of developing a new web app – it’s still a semi-secret, one which we’ll be unveiling in a few weeks. While we’re not ready to tell people about what it does yet, I do want to …

There are all kinds of approaches to Career Connected Learning. Some of these are formal initiatives, such as CTE programs of study, Pathways programs such as career academies, or Career Technical Student Organizations. There are others that are simpler, “one-shot” …

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