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“The Power and Promise of Pathways

Aligning education pathways with careers will be easier for those who read Hans Meeder's book -- broad in scope, and yet practical in application.  Take advantage of his long experience helping students down the pathway from classroom to better jobs.

Ned McCulloch, JD, Global Issue Manager
Skill Development and Education, IBM

This book is a great resource for schools and districts implementing the academy model. Hans has pulled together the research and best practices from all across the country to serve as a guide for this important and difficult work.

Dr. Jay Steele, School Improvement Consultant
Former Chief Academic Officer, Metro Nashville Public Schools

In this important work of preparing students for college, career and life, none of us have the luxury of failing our youth.  Hans has drawn on his experience and relationships to provide an incredibly comprehensive and yet easy to navigate guide to help individuals, foundations, districts and employers engage in this complex work.  This book is for everyone interested in supporting education.

Cheryl Carrier, Executive Director
Ford Next Generation Learning

This is a remarkably comprehensive guide designed for those who want to build a high-quality pathway system in their school, college and/or community in order to better prepare students for career success.  Meeder is the ideal author for such a guide. Because he’s worked intimately to help communities and schools build  pathway systems, Meeder understands the challenges you’re likely to face and offers sage advice on how to overcome them.  And because he’s also worked at the national level, he brings a deep understanding of the evolution of the pathways movement.  This book is must reading for anyone disturbed by our current failure to prepare many of our youth for economic independence.

William C. Symonds, Director of the Global Pathways Institute at Arizona State University
Primary author of Pathways to Prosperity

In The Power and Promise of Pathways, Hans Meeder has written the definitive piece on the need for educational pathways that prepare all young people for life and work. It’s a combination essay, opinion piece, and toolkit, and includes insightful observations on education policy and context based on Hans’ many years’ of experience. The section on creating a Career Development System alone is worth its weight in gold. This is a go-to resource for policy leaders, educators, employers, community leaders, and anyone who is interested in helping provide smoother transitions to adult life and careers for our kids.

Betsy Brand, Executive Director
American Youth Policy Forum

As an assistant superintendent, I am constantly looking for ways to engage students in their education. Developing pathways has been instrumental in helping students make connections between their education and their future. This insightful book provides the energizing motivation and the practical framework to bring about lasting change in schools.

Dr. Lorraine Sakoian, Assistant Superintendent
Twin Valley School District, Elverson, Pennsylvania

This much needed update on the pathways system is an indispensable resource for anyone involved with preparing our nation’s learners for their careers, ongoing education and life. By emphasizing the power and potential for career pathways, Hans Meeder reconfirms the vision of a system where every learner has a dream and a plan, and where every community has a capable and ready workforce.

LeAnn Wilson, Executive Director
Association for Career and Technical Education

“For those interested in building career pathways systems at the community level to help young people acquire the academic, technical, and professional skills needed to get launched in our increasingly complex and challenging labor market, Hans Meeder has produced an eminently readable and comprehensive guidebook and resource.  Highly recommended!”

Bob Schwartz, Senior Research Fellow
Harvard Graduate School of Education,
Co-author of Pathways to Prosperity and
co-founder of the Pathways to Prosperity Network